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Tented Table Cards


Some table cards can be quite small and some names can be quite long.  One way to fit all the information on is to put some of the components on a slant, as shown.  Another way would be to take the informal route leaving off the "Mr. and Mrs." all together.   Also, using an ampersand (&) instead of the word "and" can give you more space.  This customer chose to have the table number written out on the inside of the tented card.  Another option would be to put just a numeral on the front of the card in a top or bottom corner.

Table Numbers


Don't forget your table numbers!  These will be propped on a gold easle.  Other ideas are to use an ornate frame to fancy-up just a numeral, you can hang a number tag from a floral centerpiece, use a table tent or even add embellishments ~  a ribbon, bow or rhinestones.  To see other ideas visit my pinterest page http://www.pinterest.com/writeawayforyou/table-number-ideas/


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